A creative rush

Yeticlan offers a mini movies collection developed by filmmaker and musicians under the direction of a team made by educators.

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Yeticlan auroses curiosity and creativity through brilliant short films.



A perfect match between classical music and visual art in digital format..



Designed by a team of experts and tested in pre-schools.


  • Mum

          ... children's esposure to mass  media is costantly increasing and we need safety..

    Francesca, Mum

  • blog

          ... kids mini-movie of true quality with absolute respect for childhood and its absolute and magic laws, able to rest your mind and open your fantasy without risk and hyper-stimulation.. Continue Reading

    Maddalena Ramolini, Blogger

  • Ped

          ... Digital devices in connection with the materials and the body, can lead to a creative and powerful learning environments. ...

    Dr. Francesca Bianchi, Educator & Co-founder
    Panta Rei Educational

  • Prof

          ... new technologies are a big opportunity for kids to create their own knowledge in a smart way...

    Prof.ssa Roberta Cardarello, PhD
    Faculty of Education, Reggio Emilia